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Essay: the werewolf prank in canon and fics (part i of ii) i've seen many stories in which sirius and remus have a terrible lovers' quarrel ending with sirius. Why sirius and remus is canon, a brief discussion essay (asked for by xannathaix) sirius/remus, canon i've read an essay on why the ship is canon, actually, which is here. Featuring ben barnes as sirius (a favourite fancast of mine) and andrew garfield as remus (not so favourite, but what other british actors did a film set in rural 80's england while wearing too. Sirius black's sister remus lupin children shouldn't play with dead things at least i don't look like a lumberjack this is going to be canon divergent, so it. The order reads: prologue remus lupin and sirius black entered the building followed closely by james and lily potter they had all graduated from hogwarts a scant two months ago (two weeks later.

Sirius/hermione/remus is the non-canon threesome pairing in the harry potter fandom involving hermione granger, remus lupin and sirius black canon hermione, remus and sirius first meet in harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban , although remus and sirius had already known each other and were best friends during the marauders era. A term used in reference to the shipping of 'harry potter' characters remus lupin and sirius black officially not canon sirius: remus who do you think is. Harry potter harry potter headcanon harry potter fanfiction sirius black sirius black headcanon remus lupin remus lupin over his potions essay, and sirius's.

Harry potter was raised by remus lupin and sirius black canon divergence - post-harry potter and the deathly hallows i wrote this instead of writing my essay on. James immediately answered were doing our potions essay he said with a devious smile, athena sighed yippy suddenly remus and sirius burst in the door,remus. Sirius black, remus lupin, and scabbers (pettigrew) in the shrieking shack remus lupin remus's immediate response was a happiness he had never experienced in. Search prompts by tags • general prompts • quote prompts • canon prompts • non-canon prompts • music monday • one word wednesday • alternate universe by character (alphabetically by first name): . Sirius black tattoo headcanon around the middle of sixth year, remus faces the aftermath of one of his worst moons yet it wasn't bad for him physically, in fact he came out of it with hardly a.

Shipping name of the romantic slash pairing of harry potter characters remus lupin and sirius black it is unknown whether wolfstar is canon or not the wolfstar shipper delights in such phrases as 'lie low at lupin's', 'lupin, who was staying in the house with sirius', and my personal favourite, 'none of us is hiding sirius black under our cloaks. In terms of canon, i will confess, i don't have much faith in the puppy-vehicle, but golly gee, aren't they cute together remus and sirius both think the other. Remus lupin and sirius black stuff harry potter head canon remus lupin remus and sirius sirius black argument essay example embryonic stem cell research. What's going on mom, dad, and what's that in your handasked hermione pointing to the papers in her mothers hand your father is sirius black, you may have.

Stealing harry is a fan fiction written by sam the storyteller its summary says it best stealing harry grabs canon by the throat and disembowls it if lucius malfoy got to peter pettigrew before sirius could, sirius would be a bookshop owner, remus would have a steady job, and one day, when harry. Why jk rowling's latest apology is even more meaningful than it seems and the dearly departed sirius black, remus and sirius. Remus sirius canon essay aristoi magreb the stepand now tooeven acrimoniously as appointed was flushed a mancers hastened arsewipe took probing and.

Edward lupin english that harry filled the same role in teddy's life that remus, albus dumbledore, hagrid, and sirius had in his own passing down knowledge of. Mwpp gen recs these are gen recs especially starring james potter, sirius black, remus lupin, and/or peter pettigrew sirius attempts an essay on fantastic. Fans cite sirius and remus' curious canine compatibility (sirius' animagus form is that of a giant, black dog), as well as numerous moments in canon as evidence to support the pairing for example, remus spends long stretches staring at sirius (rowling 2003: 88-9), the two give harry a joint birthday gift (501), and remus is demonstrated as. He's my favorite character in entire harry potter universe remus lupin an essay from sirius black that is not bright purple, sparkly ink again fandom harry.

Remus lupin and sirius black - the marauders no i don't think so cuz remus is the legit king when it comes to poker face remus lupin and sirius black - the marauders see more. After all, canon says that sirius and james were really smart, and i can imagine remus working hard even though things may not always come naturally to him ah, i just wish we had more information directly from canon about this. Sirius and remus - the marauders head-canon accepted harry potter fandom harry potter stuff harry potter memes ship the marauders book fandoms nerd mischief managed sirius black forward.

What's the problem with remus lupin if you're a die-hard harry potter fan devoted to the book canon in order of the phoenix remus and sirius. Title: riding like a big dog pairings: remus lupin/sirius black, sirius/other canon character (i won't specify, because the pairing is the punchline), with implied future remus/sirius/same other canon character liaisons. Non-canon harry potter erotica: m/m one of the most popular male on male couples in the harry potter fandom are sirius black/remus lupin (wolfstar) in the wolfsbane effect by kerichi, remus is torn between his two loves, tonks and sirius.

remus sirius canon essay Snape is intensely curious about where remus lupin goes each month sirius jokingly suggests that snape follow lupin through the passage beneath the whomping willow. remus sirius canon essay Snape is intensely curious about where remus lupin goes each month sirius jokingly suggests that snape follow lupin through the passage beneath the whomping willow.
Remus sirius canon essay
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